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Kay Das: Hawaiian Shadows

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Artist: Kay Das

Title: Hawaiian Shadows
Label: CD Baby

This sixteenth album of steel guitar instrumental music combines stylings representative of Hawaiian music with the music of The Shadows in alternating groups of threes. This is in continuation with the previous "Shadows on Steel" and "Shadows on Steel - Encore" and "Marvin on Steel" albums. It was during the fifties that Hank Marvin used a Fender Stratocaster with the whammy bar, bending the strings to get the "steel guitar" effect which he perfected to create a superbly expressive timbre. An 8-string "Steelocaster", a custom lap steel modeled on a Stratocaster, and an electroacoustic Jackson-Charvel were the lead instruments. The first hree tracks represent flowers, islands, and the sea... Jacaranda (Pua Jacaranda): This is an original composition, inspired by the soft purple colours and the sweet aroma that softly floats through the air during bloom where I live in Southern California. With it's almost fluorescent blossoms set against delicate, fern-like foliage, the jacaranda tree is an annual signal that spring is ending and summer is on it's way. In California, they first bloom almost exactly the month of June, with a second bloom in the fall, though not as spectacular as the spring bloom. In Hawaii, the Jacaranda most often blooms between April and May, just in time for Lei Day. Jacaranda trees line some of the roads, and also the hillsides at higher elevations on the way to the Haleakala crater in Maui, putting on a dazzling display of color. Jacaranda trees adorn streets all over the world from Australia to Argentina to South Africa to Nepal. Played here on the Steelocaster, A6 tuning. The tune is in the key of D. The first parts of the recording used the neck pick-up (switch position 1) the second with the harmonics used the middle pickup ( switch position 3) and the last used the bridge pick-up (switch position 5). If you listen carefully you will notice three different timbres on the same steel guitar. The other instruments used were a Roland E-09 keyboard sampler and an old classical Crown guitar, tuned to D9 (D-A-D-F#-A-E) to emulate a slack key guitar. All tracks were performed by me. So, sit back, close eyes, and enjoy the aroma of the jacaranda tree...! I Kona: Here is my interpretation and arrangement of this timeless Hawaiian classic composed by. This tune is often sung at the Hawaiian functions I attend. I first heard a version of it by Dennis Pavao, accompanied by Bobby Ingano's magical steel. Other influences: the Ken Emerson instrumental version, the version sung by Ledward Ka'apana, then the version by Kai Ho'opi'i. Accompaniments to the Steelocaster on flute, and on bass and rhythm guitars. All tracks by me. Whispering Sea: There are a few tunes with this name, but in my view none as pretty. This is for you Oh sea that whispers upon the sand/ Sands that are cherished by my lovely sweetheart, held in my embrace/Thoughts come to mind, that warms the heart /And seem to say This is for you Oh sea that whispers upon the sand. All tracks by me. Three tunes from the 70s... Three Times A Lady: a 1978 single written by Lionel Richie and it was first recorded by the Commodores. It was recorded on the Motown label, owned by an American record company. The name, derived from motor and town, is also a nickname for Detroit. Motown played an important role in the racial integration of popular music by achieving a crossover success. In the 1960s, Motown and it's soul-based subsidiaries were the most successful proponents of what came to be known as 'The Motown Sound', a style of soul music with a distinct pop influence. The Shadows recorded an instrumental of the song on their Moonlight Shadows album (1986). This instrumental version has the lead played on Steelocaster A6 tuning with an accompanying rhythm track on a Martin Custom X acoustic guitar.. Backing by Ian McCutcheon and Dave Prickett. Key of A/D. Crying: With it's sometimes static chord structure punctuated by augmenteds and minors, 'Crying' was first released in July 1961 and quickly rose to the top of the US charts. In 1987, Orbison rerecorded the song as a duet with K.D. Lang as part of the soundtrack for the motion picture, Hiding Out. Their collaboration won the Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals. In 2002, 'Crying' was honored with a Grammy Hall of Fame Award. In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it #69 on their list of the '500 Greatest Songs of All Time'. Several cover versions have been recorded, from Hank Marvin's instrumental to vocal versions by BJ Thomas, Don McLean ( #1 hit in the UK Jun/July1980), Dottie West, Lynn Anderson, and others. He is quoted as having written this as the result of an encounter he had with an old flame with whom he still was in love with. He refused to say how much she meant to him, and when he ran into her again it was too late. Played here on the Steelocaster, key of G - C. All accompaniments by me. California Blue: from Roy Orbison's posthumously released LP in 1989, 'Mystery Girl' . Played on the Steelocaster, Key of D, accompanied by : Joel Casino: Rhythm guitar 1 (Gibson Humming Bird Artist, 2007) Gil Mosard : Rhythm Guitar 2: ( Gibson J45, 2005). Stratocaster accompaniment and keyboard tracks by me. Overlays on an original backing track by richard mbt. A Place in the Sun: One of the late great Jerry and xxx Lordan's loveliest tunes, alongside 'Apache' and 'Wonderful Land', 'A Place in the Sun' was recorded by The Shadows but remains one of their lesser known tunes. Written in the key of F, the verse chords are an intriguing Eb/F/Fmin/Bb/Bbmin with a Db/F#maj7/Fm/Bbmin bridge This arrangement is adapted for steel guitar lead, and I have taken some liberties with an improvised ending. The arrangement and all tracks are by me. Instruments used: Steelocaster steel guitar, GIbson ' Chet Atkins' and Martin Custom X for the guitar accompaniments and rhythm guitar respectively, and a Roland E-09 for the sampled sounds. Surround Me With Love: I heard this tune often on KCCN radio during our first visit to Hawaii around thirty years ago, and the magic still remains. Oliver Kelly was the singer. The composition by Norris Wilson and Wayland Holyfield was also recorded by country singer Charly McClain. This arrangement for steel guitar is mine. Steel guitars: Charvel-Jackson electro-acoustic, open D tuning, and the Steelocaster A6 tuning. Joel Casino plays rhythm guitar, bass, and accompaniment guitar. The cello, accordion, vibraphone tracks were recorded using Roland E-09 sampled timbres. Key of F. Maui Waltz: Composition by Bob Nelson. Played on A6 Steelocaster and Dmaj Charvel Jackson electro-acoustic. All accompaniment backing tracks by me. I hear the Maui waltz It brings back memories I hear the Maui waltz And you are haunting me The night you told me That you loved me so But no one told me That when the dance was through I'd be losing you I hear the Maui waltz And my arms are empty now I hear the Maui waltz But it doesn't hurt somehow 'Cause you're here with me When the music starts to play Play on, play on Maui waltz Three instrumentals influenced by Hank Marvin... Amarantine: is the title tune of an album of the same name by Irish musician Enya. The album was released on November 22, 2005. It won the Grammy in 2007 for Best New Age Album and is the third top selling new age album of the 2000s in the US. The amaranth colour is a shade of deep purple-red. The word is taken from ancient Greek and means everlasting or immortal (the same as the amaranth flower). The album was launched in the Castle of Vaux Le Vicomte near Paris. Record company Warner gave Enya an impressive banquet starting with fireworks set to the new music. Enya wore amaranth dresses throughout the entire promotional tour. 'We called the album 'Amarantine' to mean everlasting. Poets use the word to describe an everlasting flower and I loved the image of that.' -Enya Enya's signature sound uses simple arrangements with extensive multitracking vocals. The

1.1 Jacaranda
1.2 I Kona
1.3 Whispering Sea
1.4 Three Times a Lady
1.5 Crying
1.6 California Blue
1.7 A Place in the Sun
1.8 Surround Me with Love
1.9 Maui Waltz
1.10 You Only Live Twice
1.11 Amarantine
1.12 Carillon
1.13 I Am Hawaii
1.14 Adventures in Paradise
1.15 To You, Sweetheart, Aloha
1.16 Girl
1.17 Chu Chi
1.18 The Power of Love

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