Kaye Berigan

Kaye Berigan: From the Curve

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kaye Berigan

Title: From the Curve
Label: CD Baby

Trumpet/Fluegelhorn player Kaye Berigan released his debut CD, 'From The Curve' at a hugely successful June 2 'Jazz In The Park'(4500 in attendance!) concert in Milwaukee. 'From The Curve' was produced by guitarist Steve Lewandowski and features a contemporary take on 1960's era modal, free, and standard jazz, with an original ballad composed by Steve Lewandowski. Featured players on the CD include Kaye Berigan/Trumpet, Fluegelhorn, Steve Lewandowski/Guitar, Hal Miller/Bass, and Brian Ritter/Drums. 'From The Curve' is a Limited Edtion CD, and is numbered and signed by the artist. Kaye Berigan is a veteran Milwaukee/Chicago area jazz musician who has been active on the jazz scene since since the early 60's. After doing a stint in the Army he spent a brief time in New York, returning to Milwaukee to teach, play, and mentor aspiring jazz musicians. He has been first call for any gig that requires competent jazz soloing, and leads what are considered to be among the best small jazz groups in the area.

1.1 From the Curve
1.2 Concierto de Aranjuez/Solea
1.3 Canto Flamenco/Nardis
1.4 My Romance
1.5 Corcovado
1.6 Too Blue Too
1.7 Footprints
1.8 Freddie the Freeloader
1.9 Alone

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