Kayte Strong

Kayte Strong: Larger Than Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kayte Strong

Title: Larger Than Love
Label: CD Baby

There's a new face in the Positive Pop movement, a true bohemian grass-roots artist who has taken the streets into her own two hands. She performs eight to twelve hour sets every weekend, singing longer than anyone has ever continuously sung in the Guinness World Book of Records. And to the disbelief of the audience, she autographs each and every CD sold while performing, without stopping. Kayte Strong was so determined to share her talents with the world, she traveled hundreds of thousands of miles by land and air, winning the heart of America one city at a time. Her determination landed her a position entertaining for Howard Alan Events, the top Art and Craft festival company in the country, where she was one of five hand-picked artists performing for hundreds of thousands of people every month, year-round for six years straight. She reached out with her soul every weekend to the masses of people who were looking for uplifting, fresh, and beautiful music. The masses rewarded her by purchasing upwards of four hundred of her recordings every weekend. Her latest Christmas CD 'Serene Noel' reached #96 on the independent airplay charts as a result of her incessant touring. Her audience and increasing sales of CD's have resulted in being signed to the Nashville based record label 'Silver Hill' and the new CD is nearing completion. Her live tour schedule is in the process of being booked. Kayte is no stranger to the world of the concert performance. She has toured internationally behind such great talents as the Coasters, the Platters, Chris Montez, Peaches and Herb, and Mel Carter. She has played keyboards and sung backup in front of as many as twenty-five thousand people on the opening weekend at the Blockbuster Pavilion near Los Angeles, California. Kayte's writing and touring partner Dennis Bryon is also no stranger to success. He has been integral in the success of three hit groups: Amen Corner, Fair Weather, and the BeeGees. He joined forces with Kayte in late 2001, and since then their record sales have doubled. Dennis and Kayte began creating a New-Age line of CD's under their combined names Strong & Bryon. Kayte loves to make lemonade out of any lemons she is given. She was featured in the Billboard Books release 'Tales From The Rock & Roll Highway' edited by Marley Brant and released in June 2004. Her story is once again both humorous and tumultuous, and deals with being stranded alone in Manhattan at an art festival, lost and broke.

1.1 (Nothing Is) Larger Than Love
1.2 Three Words Away
1.3 Love on a Rainy Day
1.4 Somebody Sent Me An Angel
1.5 Someday
1.6 Let's Dance Again
1.7 What Goes Around Comes Around
1.8 And So It Goes
1.9 I Know You Love Me
1.10 Heaven Help My Human Heart
1.11 From the First Hello

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