Kazmaniax: Drilling for Toys

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kazmaniax

Title: Drilling for Toys
Label: CD Baby

Kazmaniax Presents: \' DRILLING FOR TOYS \' * An Outstanding Musical Disc of Twelve Sweet Instrumental Gems and intricately woven Masterpieces. Each track mastered with Sound Forge and Wave Hammer professional audio. Halina Janusz croons Track #2 \'One Fine Day\'. She is truly exquisite. A pure Joy to listen to. Drilling For Toys will make you smile, and a few tracks, with their haunting symposiums, will make you cry. These Instrumentals are positively Overwhelming. All exquiste arrangements, so aurically Pleasing . . . ... & Who Doesn\'t enjoy a little Aural Pleasure!? ~ IN \'DRILLING FOR TOYS\' You Will Find ~ Beautiful Instrumentals, Rockin\' Ballads, Melodic & Passionate songs for anyone & everyone to cherish. You won\'t believe some of the places these musicals will take you! However, You will find yourself safely transported back to earth after each masterpiece is over, I promise. ____ Kazmaniax shares his most personal recordings with \'Drilling For Toys\'.... Twelve 12 beautiful Songs featuring Swooning Guitars ~O~ Plenty! Mandolins, Pianos, Strings all sounding as Sweet as Sugar enhance this 12 song CD!! The Incredible Dave Price makes his Saxophones Sing for us all, on \'Way to Go\', \'Beauty Remains\', \'Open Field\' & \'SEW IT\'S SEAMS\'! They all feature Dave\'s Smooth & Horny Touch! Special Musical Guest appearances on The Disc include: Paul Johnson (Bass Guitar) Steve Blank (Drums & Vocals) on Sew It's Seams. Bernie O\'Brien (Bass Guitar) Paul Biener (Drums) on Open Field & Snow. These two tracks are \'Live\' and totally Improvisational jams with added and enhanced instrumentation. *** DRILLING FOR TOYS SOUNDS . . . . *** ~~ Please enjoy Two Minutes (2:00) of each and every selection, simply by clicking PLAY ALL BROADBAND Above the song titles on your left. Turn those Speakers Up! .... wait that\'s TOO loud! ...OK... that\'s better! Thanks for checking out \'Drilling For Toys\', everyone. I wrote, recorded, and mixed these songs as sweetly as I could. Countless hours went into these mixes, all the time well spent to insure a splendid sound on every track. I sure hope You enjoy them. *Music is to Share* ~ Music is The Universal Language ~ Drilling For Toys has a fun CD cover! That is me, The Kaz, Drilling into a mountain, and many fun & Magical Toys are actually popping out and rising from the freshly unearthed mountain soil! In just One Picture, This is my way of saying; \'The more one works, the more one will acquire\'. But please don\'t hurt your back. Is the Drilling For Toys CD cover a satire? ...Truly Magnifique! SHARE LOVE & SPREAD BEAUTIFUL MUSIC THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND. A VERY MUSICAL 2008 Yours truly, \'K A Z M A N I A X\'

1.1 Passion Weave
1.2 One Fine Day
1.3 Snow
1.4 Masquerade
1.5 Sew It's Seams
1.6 Hovering Plane
1.7 Reservoir
1.8 Way to Go
1.9 Universe for You
1.10 Open Field
1.11 Serenity
1.12 Beauty Remains

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