Kb Noise

Kb Noise: KB Noise

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kb Noise

Title: KB Noise
Label: CD Baby

KB Noise, formally Boss Tweed, together since June 2006, was formed from an interesting set of circumstances. Bassist Mark Carson, and drummer Dave Cipriani had been playing together for years, yet neither had a serious project at the time. It wasn't untill mutual friend and guitarist Brian Lynch, got offered a gig (he had no band at the time) that the three friends got together. Rounding out the sound was keyboardist Sam Hollis. However, after a departure from Sam in early 2007, KB Noise recruited the help of Aaron Radder to fully round out the sonic landscape. If you haven't seen them yet get yourself to a show, you will not be let down.

1.1 Spinning Out
1.2 No Expert
1.3 Walk
1.4 Energy
1.5 Worth My Time

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