Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith: Keep the Faith

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Artist: Keep the Faith

Artist: Keep the Faith
Title: Keep the Faith

This is Keep the Faith's 2007 debut album....the culmination of Kathleen, Roli and John's songwriting since 2002. The trio writes in a variety of styles. Their country tunes have a delightful traditional feel to them. The Jazz sways and makes you want to move, while the rock and Motown are upbeat and engaging. The lyrics are centred around life, love and family, themes most of us can relate to. Many of these songs are regularly heard on radio. Juno nominated Dan Bone contributes sax and flute, with Don Reed on violin.

1.1 I Found God Today
1.2 Hold Me Together
1.3 I Feel Love
1.4 Holy Love
1.5 Warm Hand of God
1.6 Thank You God
1.7 Need You Lord
1.8 God Above
1.9 Chain of Love
1.10 I Remember
1.11 Keep the Faith

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