Keir Demian

Keir Demian: White Caps

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Keir Demian

Title: White Caps
Label: CD Baby

Guitarist/songwriter Keir Demian mainly creates instrumental gems, but also collaborates on a few tunes with other great musicians and vocalists. Keir Demian creates a guitar heavy blend of groove rock, southern rock, blues rock, classic rock, and hard rock. The first three songs on this CD are wonderfully laid-back acoustic guitar groove rock with great vibes and masterful vocals. The fourth and fifth tracks continue the mood, with more instument only acoustic guitar based grooves. The final four tracks are instrumental electric guitar based rock with a harder edge.

1.1 White Caps
1.2 Holding on to You
1.3 This Is the Last Time
1.4 Inspire
1.5 Finlandesa
1.6 Afire
1.7 Plunging in a Swamp
1.8 My Wings Are Heavy
1.9 Into the Breach

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