Keith Glass: Southerly Buster

Keith Glass: Southerly Buster
Title: Southerly Buster
Label: Massi

Keith is a great Australian country artist. With two highly regarded solo albums for the Virgin label, three albums with fellow vocal/instrumentalists Mick Hamilton and Gary Young, and two recent solo albums to his credit, there is ample material to draw from. His latest album, "Southerly Buster" contains 12 new recordings, plus a special limited edition bonus CD, "The Virgin Years"; 21 re-mastered recordings for that label. Featured are Keith's band the Tumblers, plus guests including Lucky Oceans/Dude Ranch and the famed horn section the Memphis Horns.

1.1 Southerly Buster
1.2 Glass Ceiling
1.3 (You're My) Prime Mover
1.4 She Never Knew What She Had
1.5 Standing in the Way of Love
1.6 On the Mend
1.7 Cheatin Com
1.8 More Than I Need to Know
1.9 After Your Heart
1.10 Right As Rain
1.11 Free Spirit
1.12 The Other Side of the Border
1.13 Living Down My Past
1.14 You're Not Wrong
1.15 Dead Set Keen
1.16 Old Home Weak
1.17 Show and Tell
1.18 What Will It Take?
1.19 I'm Outta Here
1.20 In Black
1.21 How Many More Moves
1.22 One Woman Shy
1.23 Five Minutes Before Midnight
1.24 Walking Off the Land
1.25 It and a Bit
1.26 When Stan Was the Man
1.27 Outback (In Our Backyard)
1.28 Going Over Old Ground
1.29 Congratulations
1.30 Home and Away Game
1.31 Hell of a Job
1.32 Victoria Bitter
1.33 Too Good to Be True

Keith Glass: Southerly Buster

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