Keith Lynch

Keith Lynch: You Are Here

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Keith Lynch

Title: You Are Here
Label: CD Baby

Hello, I am delighted that "YOU ARE HERE" has found it's way to you. This music is intended to take you to a place of total relaxation. It can be very healing to "feel" the music rather than just "listen" to it. "YOU ARE HERE" was written at a very difficult time of my life. I was dealing with nearly 10 years of chronic back pain when this project began. During my ongoing search to find out why I was having so much pain, I was introduced to a woman who suggested I put my energy into writing music about my pain, instead of putting my energy into the source of my pain. I was then introduced to the 7 Chakras (7 tonal centers of the body). The 7 Chakras correlate with the 7 colors of the rainbow and the 7 tracks of music. With no preconceived idea of what I was going to write, I simply got quite and asked for guidance and this music is what came to be. I now have no more back pain! "YOU ARE HERE" is great for Yoga, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Pain Management, or just plain calming you down. There are 7 tracks that will take you through the 7 Chakras and hopefully bring you to a place of ease and comfort for your mind, body and spirit. Life is what we make of it. Our difficulties and accomplishments are of our own making. I hope you enjoy this music that has passed through me. Love to all, Keith Lynch.

1.1 Support
1.2 Surrender
1.3 Transformation
1.4 Compassion
1.5 Truth
1.6 Awareness
1.7 Bliss

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