Keith Mansfield

Keith Mansfield: The Big Beat

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Keith Mansfield

Artist: Keith Mansfield
Title: The Big Beat
Product Type: VINYL LP

Pounding, Thumping, Rocking and Pulsating, The Big Beat is without doubt the King of all library albums. Composed by the undisputed heavyweight champions of the genre, Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw, and originally released in 1969 in the KPM 1000 Series, it is available once again and it represents everything that is great and good about the music, the musicians and even the fiendish record collectors that drove up prices in the shadowy world of Library Music.You could safely assume that an album made up of incredible Hammond organ playing, a really fat horn section, fuzz guitar solos and drum breaks would deliver the goods but this album does so much more than that. Just one listen to tracks like "Beat Me Till I'm Blue" or "Senior Thump" and you'll know you are in the presence of something far greater than the sum of it's parts.

1.1 Exclusive Blend
1.2 Studio 69
1.3 Work Out
1.4 Rock Mountain Run About
1.5 Beat Me 'Til I'm Blue'
1.6 Roving Reporter
1.7 Senior Thump
1.8 Tap Footer
1.9 Teenage Travelogue
1.10 Teenage Ton Up
1.11 Delivery Date
1.12 A Touch of Nonsense
1.13 Man on the Move
1.14 The Mexican D.J
1.15 Debsville
1.16 Red Square Stomp

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