Keith Mitchell Alan: This Clumsy World

Keith Mitchell Alan: This Clumsy World
Title: This Clumsy World
Label: CD Baby

'Keith Alan Mitchell is energetic and vibrant.... Alternative Country/Americana Folk at it's best.' - Nashville Music Guide 'If you like to roll down your windows while driving, put your feet up on a porch, or settle down with a drink, Mitchell has some lyrics and an acoustic guitar with your name on it.... The pure honesty demonstrated is as refreshing as it is inspiring.' - Guardian Liberty Voice 'There is something captivatingly endearing about 'This Clumsy World' that piques your attention, stimulates your thinking and entertains you from start to finish.' - Music News 'This is the perfect release for the upcoming summer months, great for car drives and road trips.' - Live for Live Music / Empty Lighthouse 'If you were worried that the days of sincere voices and thoughtful lyrics - in the same vein of male singer/songwriters as David Gray or Tom Petty - had long gone, fear not. Keith Alan Mitchell is here to set all things right again in your world.' - LA Splash Magazine 'This Clumsy World is a fine first album and not a hard one to fall in love with.' - Album/CD Credits: Keith Alan Mitchell - guitar/vocals; Jonathan Kirchner - bass; Andrew Laubacher - tambourine; Michael Zisman - Mandolin; Kirby Hammel - keyboards; Kathy Kennedy - backing vocals on 'Swaying.' Recorded by Scott McDowell at Hyde St. Studio C, San Francisco. Mixed by Randy Rood. Mastered by Brian Lucey. Illustrations - Lena Gustafson. Art direction and design - Dawn Gonzales. Photos - James Hsiao.

1.1 Been Buried
1.2 Swaying
1.3 You Just Disappear
1.4 Crossed That Line
1.5 What It Means to Soar
1.6 Tavern Angeline
1.7 The Feud
1.8 Next Time
1.9 Every Every
1.10 The Low Way
1.11 Diamond Blues
1.12 Our Eyes

Keith Mitchell Alan: This Clumsy World

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