Keith Thompson

Keith Thompson: Steel Strings & Bruised Reed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Keith Thompson

Title: Steel Strings & Bruised Reed
Label: CD Baby

I have been threatening to do an acoustic album for a very long time but the catalyst for making this happen came when, in between band tours I decided I would like to find a way of being let out to play with a more simple set up. I therefore put together a set of my acoustic songs, some of which were unplugged versions of band material and other songs that until now had no outlet. So, armed with an acoustic guitar and a bunch of songs, accompanied by Patsy Gamble on sax and backing vocals, we set out to do a few gigs. The experience proved to be so enjoyable that the obvious next step would be to record a CD for people to be able to take home recordings of the set they had just heard live. I love the music we play in the band but when I am home I have always tended to gravitate to acoustic music and the work of many singer songwriters. I enjoy the personality that comes across in a more intimate and simple form, so I deliberately didn't over-produce this album preferring to let the songs stand on their own merit. The result is a very raw and honest collection of songs and I hope you enjoy the music as much as we enjoy playing it! - Keith Thompson.

1.1 Why Can't You Be Good
1.2 Bad Rain
1.3 Heart ; Soul
1.4 Not the Same As Love
1.5 Choice
1.6 Long Road Home
1.7 You Don't Know Me
1.8 Feel the Kiss
1.9 Stealin' Back My Heart
1.10 Preachin' the Blues
1.11 All Comes Down
1.12 Alright
1.13 Sinner Boy
1.14 All Rise
1.15 Nothing Separates Us

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