Keith Wallace

Keith Wallace: Seasons a Time to

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Artist: Keith Wallace

Artist: Keith Wallace
Title: Seasons a Time to

The eclectic and tantalizing melodies of jazz and rhythm & blues meets the hypnotic beats and soul of reggae while giving birth to the enlighten sounds of new age. It is this sound-his sound-that tells the story of the journey of a man. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of love, joy, and pain. It is the journey of life.

1.1 Revisit James
1.2 Summer Breeze
1.3 Save Gaia "Mother Earth"
1.4 Unloaded Forgiven
1.5 Is All That It Takes
1.6 Spring Alive
1.7 James Jus Groovin
1.8 Temperature Rising
1.9 It's a Seasonal Thing
1.10 Uncontrollable
1.11 Time to Slow Dance
1.12 Amazing Grace

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