Kelly Rene'

Kelly Rene': Going That Extra Mile

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kelly Rene'

Title: Going That Extra Mile
Label: CD Baby

Going That Extra Mile by Kelly Rene' features straightforward lyrics with a rhythm that will echo in your heart and linger in your soul. Now with her CD debut you can embrace her collection of songs for healing and everyday living. Kelly writes and sings about the adversity she has faced in overcoming heartbreak, fears, challenges, and the joy & confidence that came when she put her faith in Jesus Christ. The title track 'Going That Extra Mile' has been recognized with and Honorable Mention Award By Billboard for Outstanding Songwriting. 'Rock Bottom' (track 9) was also recognized in the same category and they have yet to listen to the whole album! From start to finish this Country, Christian-Rock Ensemble will keep you wanting more. This album is perfect for those who need some inspiration with an encouraging spiritual message throughout.

1.1 Break the Cycle
1.2 Going That Extra Mile
1.3 Hour Glass
1.4 Made a Puppet Outta Me
1.5 If I Had a Dime
1.6 Can't Have My Soul
1.7 Livin' on Your Lovin'
1.8 Reasons to Believe
1.9 Rock Bottom
1.10 Spread the News
1.11 Let's Celebrate
1.12 Inspirational Track

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