Kelly Roberti

Kelly Roberti: Ballads of Kelly Roberti-Slumber

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Artist: Kelly Roberti

Artist: Kelly Roberti
Title: Ballads of Kelly Roberti-Slumber

Kelly Roberti was born in Malta, MT in the early 1950's into a musical family. Both parents being music teachers he found his path at an early age. Kelly Roberti is the recipient of the prestigious Governor's Arts Award for 2010. Kelly has performed, toured and recorded with literally hundreds of jazz, rock and world music legends. Roberti has also taught improvisation in numerous settings internationally and teaches privately. Kelly lives in Bozeman MT now and continues to compose and perform locally as well as internationally. His credits include 61 CD and vinyl recordings and numerous original compositions recorded by him and others. He is now in the pre-production process on two new CDs. Kelly is also a prodigious poet and there will be a release of his new material in the upcoming year.

1.1 Slumber
1.2 Vittorio
1.3 Faithful
1.4 The Cleansing in the Dance of the Sad
1.5 Bullets
1.6 Lullabye
1.7 I Can Hear Your Heart

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