Kelly Ruth: Wild Things

Kelly Ruth: Wild Things
Title: Wild Things
Label: CD Baby

It's a given that when Kelly Ruth steps on stage she will enchant her audience with the smooth sounds of her jazzy lyrics. But this solo artist doesn't require a guitar to get her fans snapping along to her folk music vibrations-all she needs is an upright bass. Alone or accompanied by a six-piece band, this seasoned musician is known for her soothing stage performance and entrancing vocals. Compared by fans to such musicians as Norah Jones, Feist, and Carole King, Kelly Ruth has a unique style that speaks-and sings-for itself. A graduate of the Capital Area School for the Arts in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Kelly Ruth was originally part of a small-town female folk trio, The Rainy Janes. She has since honed her musical talent at a number of notable colleges, including the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, as well as Old Town School of Folk Music. Kelly Ruth has toured with the folk-indie band, Raise Up Roof Beams. Displaying her talents both vocally and on the upright and electric bass, she and the Roof Beams have traveled the east cost and mid-west, appearing at such venues as DC-9, The Fire, The World Café, and Penn State University, where the band opened for the chart-topping alternative group Boys Like Girls. As a solo artist, she has played a number of folk festivals, including the Harrisburg Arts Fest, and on the college campuses of Bridgewater College, Shippensburg University, and West Virginia University. But Kelly Ruth isn't just about the music. "Music has a higher seems somewhat selfish to get up on stage and just sing songs. Making a difference is my should always combine art and passion." Her interest in social justice led Kelly and her high-school band, The Rainy Janes, to create "Wednesday in the Woods" in August of 2006. Held every summer, "Wednesday in the Woods" brings together bands local to the Harrisburg area to raise money for the education of women in Sudan. Her enthusiasm for creating positive change is just one thing that sets Kelly Ruth apart from other artists. The release of her debut album, Wild Things, has revealed her raw talent for original songwriting, with the floating melodies of 'Sunny Day Love' and 'Hush Darling' catching the ears of folk, pop, and jazz lovers alike. As a first impression, this harmonic beauty has a lot to say, and neither Kelly Ruth nor her upright bass have plans of keeping silent.

1.1 Wild Things
1.2 Hush Darling
1.3 Lake Michigan
1.4 Sunny Day Love
1.5 October
1.6 What We Will Become
1.7 Spring Song
1.8 Ms. West
1.9 Scoundrel
1.10 Green Street
1.11 Window
1.12 Sophia

Kelly Ruth: Wild Things

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