Kelsey Lindstrom

Kelsey Lindstrom: Reading Room

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Artist: Kelsey Lindstrom
Title: Reading Room

'Impressionistic' describes Kelsey Lindstrom's unique style of music. Her music ranges from pop, through cinematic and storytelling, to ethereal soundscapes. Influences from archaeology digs and living abroad are woven into hauntingly beautiful piano ballads, infused with hints of classical and folk music, overlaid with her distinct vocal style. In her debut album 'The Reading Room', Kelsey tells of love stories, dilemmas of the modern world, and she takes the listener on journeys to times forgotten and places unknown 'telling tales of land and sea...and something else that used to be'. The album and her music had it's genesis in the musical town of Liverpool. A large ornate room with tall ceilings, large paintings and two grand pianos provided the setting which inspired this beautiful musical experience. Kelsey Lindstrom is a native of Portland, Oregon. She was recently awarded her Masters degree in Osteoarchaeology from the University of Southampton in England. She has performed numerous shows in the UK and Austria while attending school in Liverpool and Southampton (where she played several International Pop Overthrow shows, both as a solo artist and as keyboardist for the exuberant pop band, The Ragamuffins). As an archaeology student, her songs are influenced by her experiences in Europe and the Middle East. Although her style is very much her own, she has been compared to some of the following artists; Regina Spektor A Fine Frenzy Tori Amos Norah Jones Dido The Swell Season The Civil Wars George Winston Ludovico Einaudi.

1.1 Trains
1.2 The Paintings on Your Wall
1.3 The Grey Havens
1.4 Wallflower
1.5 The Seer
1.6 Roses and Rain
1.7 The Grey People
1.8 Evelyn
1.9 Lullaby
1.10 Sojourn
1.11 Shadow of a Dream
1.12 Will You
1.13 [Untitled]

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