Keltik Kharma

Keltik Kharma: Kharma Zone

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Artist: Keltik Kharma

Artist: Keltik Kharma
Title: Kharma Zone

Keltik Kharma is a California-based Celtic band performing Traditional Celtic, Neo-Celtic, Keltik Age, and Green Jazz. In a departure from their 'normal' programming, Keltik Kharma has entered the realm of New Age, with the subcategory Keltik Age. Chris Vitas, violin, Fred Benedetti, guitars, Jeff Pekarek, electric bass, and Malcolm Rosenberger, drums, go a different route than on previous Keltik Kharma albums by performing original music by co-founder Chris Vitas. Heavily into improvisation, and trancey effects, the result is a soothing blend of the old and the new.

1.1 Electron Cloud
1.2 Chandra
1.3 Keltatomic Particles
1.4 Kharma Flux
1.5 Uncertainty Principle
1.6 Merri Melody
1.7 Shanta
1.8 Kharmatose
1.9 Green Hills of Darjeeling
1.10 Gandharva

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