Kemba Cofield

Kemba Cofield: Dual

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kemba Cofield

Title: Dual
Label: CD Baby

This CD is a compilation of two songs with two very different renditions of each. My original piece, Dance With Me has a classic bossanova groove that yields to the steps of one who is a true dancer. All of the elements of a love ballad are in this song. However, it's remix is completely opposite. It pulls anyone up out of the chair and gets them grooving to another backbeat. Packed full of Autotune, hardcore beat, funky bass, and a monster piano solo, this song promotes the elements of new and fresh. The other two songs are arrangements of the dynamic Duke Ellington's In A Sentimental Mood. One with a sweet vocal and piano duo that captivates the moment. Another with harmonizing background vocals that are without a doubt funky and flavorful. Jazz with a twist is what this record displays.

1.1 Dance with Me
1.2 Dance with Me (Reprise)
1.3 In a Sentimental Mood
1.4 Dance with Me (Remix)
1.5 In a Sentimental Mood (Remix)

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