Kemper: Restless Fury

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Artist: Kemper

Artist: Kemper
Title: Restless Fury

Violently looming from tenebrous outskirts of the greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky region a new rising darkness,(Restless Fury),the long awaited debut CD release by singer, songwriter, musician, JOHN Kemper, attacks the music world. With heavy guitars echoing the slaying of undying drum beats and vocals emitted from howls of the blackest night, Kemper forever haunts all daring to listen. Embraced beneath, Kemper'S music begins chanting in horror's valley a deathly enthralling, (OH THE HORROR OF IT ALL) with wailing of burn, burn, burn, burn, the beast inherits the horrid. Sadistic bliss from the fallen angel's ascendancy, revel's the abhorrent, rebellious, (SERPENTKISS), slithering into black fury's doom. As gullets bleed while chests are ripped apart, (HAND OF DARKNESS) grips a rhythmic trance summoning ominous evil. Succubus, (DIABOLICAL), the seething seductress, demoness of passion, leaves you oh so cold and lost in a bluesy harmonic vessel of alluring abandonment. Birthing anger lashing the state of hates demanding rage, (IN IT'S WAKE) strikes a blistering nerve of torment, never so greatly expressed. And Lucifer brings pride to the fight proceeding destruction in the origin of fire's (RESTLESS FURY), brought till the end. Straying left handed paths of slain souls led by infernal will, (DEATH WALKS AGAIN) a half dead world of the accursed macabre with organ playing and crunchy guitar in it's chorus. Followed by the stalking of emptiness, conjured devils sparing no one, whip and scorn to a vivid recanting, (BLOODCHILL) deep in bleakness. Night fades to horror provoking Kemper'S lingering howling for the goddess of darkness, (ANGELWOLF), as she takes her victims to her netherworld with a kiss of death. Last but not least, (NOCTURNAL BLISS) sustains a dark domain of eerie enchantment creeping eternal night. JOHN Kemper has been an underground, singer, songwriter, musician, for years, passing around basement tapes and recordings here and there. The feedback has always been great! Kemper says, 'The time has come to unearth this new beginning and shift on through the merciless chain. The risk and sacrifice is huge but that's the way it is with me, all or none.' Check out the killer front cover artwork by artist RUSSELL RUNION. Kemper teamed up with RUNION for all artwork in the layout of his project. A good friend of Kemper'S, RUNION, resides in Independence, KY with wife Jenny and two kids Jeremy and Katlyn. Kemper, who relied on no one, recording and producing everything himself, created this storm of blackened vengeance, for members to come and go, hopefully staying, but that's the way it is in the ever so evolving sphere of music. Kemper was featured in the Firing Squad column of METALMANIACS MAGAZINE Jan. 2006 issue THANKS TO ALL WHO TAKE A CHANCE AND LISTEN TO THIS NEW RISING DARKNESS UNLEASHED INTO THE BLURRING STRIFE OF THIS CRAZY WORLD WE ALL LIVE IN.....

1.1 Oh the Horror of It All
1.2 Serpent Kiss
1.3 Hand of Darkness
1.4 Diabolical
1.5 In It's Wake
1.6 Restless Fury
1.7 Death Walks Again
1.8 Bloodchill
1.9 Angelwolf
1.10 Nocturnal Bliss

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