Ken Bonfield: Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

Ken Bonfield: Whistlin&
Title: Whistlin' Past the Graveyard
Label: CD Baby

Ken Bonfield is a self-taught fingerstyle guitarist who composes and performs original instrumental guitar music. Talk about a niche. The most common question he gets is 'What do you call your music?'. Is Fojazzical a genre? A versatile guitarist, Bonfield just uses whatever type of music will tell the story he's trying to tell. You'll hear themes found in Celtic, American Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classical, even Ragtime. Modeled after influential albums from his youth by Doc Watson, Segovia, and Leo Kottke, Whistlin' Past the Graveyard is a collection of 17 songs packed with melody and passion. Bonfield's use of a custom Carruth Baritone guitar stretches the sonic fabric of what most folks think a guitar is capable of, and as always, Bonfield's tuneful melodies will leave you humming a tune, or wiping away a tear of joy. With the release of Whistlin Past the Graveyard Bonfield has come full circle, back to his roots as a solo guitarist. Recorded live, with no over-dubs and little editing, Whistlin Past the Graveyard is Bonfield's solo tour-de-force.

1.1 Opal's Delight
1.2 Getaway
1.3 In Christ There Is No East or West
1.4 Stealin'
1.5 Denouement
1.6 Partial 2 U
1.7 Goodbye Chester Lee
1.8 Moonlight Music
1.9 Zephyr
1.10 Prelude
1.11 Ivy Lane
1.12 Reunion
1.13 Study
1.14 Indian Rain
1.15 The Fisherman
1.16 Black Dog
1.17 Lullaby for the Long Dirt Nap

Ken Bonfield: Whistlin' Past the Graveyard

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