Ken Friedman

Ken Friedman: Friedman, Ken : Standing in the Light

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Artist: Ken Friedman

Artist: Ken Friedman
Title: Friedman, Ken : Standing in the Light

Inspiring words that will live and grow a more loving and peaceful world fill my life through these songs. Each song has been performed in spiritual centers and churches for inspiration.

1.1 All Is Love
1.2 More Than Words Can Say
1.3 Standing in the Light
1.4 Attitude of Gratitude
1.5 Compassion, Peace and Harmony
1.6 In the Stillness
1.7 Prayer of Saint Frances
1.8 Peace Pilgrim's Words
1.9 We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made of
1.10 Return to Wholeness
1.11 May This Fire Purify

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