Ken Gregory: Natural Process

Ken Gregory: Natural Process
Title: Natural Process
Label: CD Baby

The evolution of jazz has followed many paths, becoming so diverse that the definition of the word has become blurred. In this CD, Solid State combines elements of all genres. Swing, Latin, Funk, and Bebop merge as one as we explore the various palettes of jazz. Solid State's innovative compositions are rooted in the foundations of classic jazz combined with a contemporary rhythmical approach, tending toward more linear melodies and greater tonal variation in the chord structures rather than using repetitive rhythm patterns. The band's 4 horns lend themselves to the creation of unusual blends of melodies and interesting textures, and backed by piano, guitar, bass and drums, the musical journey evolves from funk to ballad to swing along the way. Elements of classical and blues appear along with hard bop and latin, presenting some familiar yet unpredictable twists. In our compositions we tend to lean towards the unexpected as a means of expressing and exploring music. Our goal is to provide a comfortable yet innovative listening experience, one that stays close enough to home so as not to be dissonant or cacophonous, but adventurous and challenging to those willing to go on the ride.

1.1 NYCg 03:20
1.2 After It's Over 06:43
1.3 Equilibris 05:56
1.4 Groovus Maximus 04:30
1.5 Bald Eagle 05:57
1.6 Maison' Paris' 05:44
1.7 Latino 04:49
1.8 Sunny Bear 05:08
1.9 Frabeson 05:16
1.10 Family Ties 08:42
1.11 Eye of the Storm 04:32
1.12 Bed of Coles 05:35
1.13 Doppler Funk 04:20
1.14 Mrs. Puffin 05:13

Ken Gregory: Natural Process

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