Ken Masuda: Songs of Hope & Regret

Ken Masuda: Songs of Hope & Regret
Title: Songs of Hope & Regret
Label: CD Baby

Notes on songs: 1. The Way to Talk to Clouds - A poem by the English Romantic poet Shelly starts: 'We are as clouds that veil the midnight moon...' 2. Your Future Ain't Been Told - My daughter was a good basketball player, there was a roof post in front of our house where she would stand (to keep her back straight) and lift weights. Then she met a really handsome guy . . . 3. A Thousand Years Ago - I had this vision; I was standing behind a woman in her castle, a large room, the wind was blowing in (A thousand years ago there were no glass windows), stone floor and walls, and she was grieving. 4. In My Dream - I was going through a time where it seemed that every song I wrote was sad or depressing. I told myself, 'you've got to write something happy' and this was it! 5. Journey's End - OK, I was in my Lorena McKennett phase. 6. Safe For the Day - My grandmother was in San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake, afterwards, she met my grandfather. They moved to the country, outside of Livingston, California.

1.1 Way to Talk to Clouds
1.2 Your Future Ain't Been Told
1.3 Thousand Years Ago
1.4 In My Dream
1.5 Journey's End
1.6 Safe for the Day
1.7 Bone and Marrow
1.8 Our Hurting Days
1.9 One Thousand Songs Ago

Ken Masuda: Songs of Hope & Regret

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