Ken Theriot

Ken Theriot: Theriot, Ken : Outlaws & Bystanders

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ken Theriot

Title: Theriot, Ken : Outlaws & Bystanders
Label: CD Baby

So, what does "Outlaws & Bystanders" mean? Well, "Human History" (Ken Theriot's last album) featured a number of personal stories of events, but often told by the king, or the guy in charge. "Outlaws & Bystanders" includes stories from the other guys, the guys who served as a backdrop to the main story, or ran far enough afoul of the guy in charge that their life and freedom was in jeopardy. This doesn't always make them bad guys-when the law is unjust, the just man is outlaw-but it usually makes them interesting. Enjoy.

1.1 Soldier of God
1.2 Utopia
1.3 Robin Hood and the Beggar Knight
1.4 Morte D'arthur
1.5 Dragon
1.6 Lament of the Combat Archer
1.7 Dogs of War
1.8 Little Egypt
1.9 William Tell
1.10 Men of the Isles
1.11 Queen of Lilies
1.12 Ride of El Cid

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