Ken Widis

Ken Widis: That's the Reason

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ken Widis

Artist: Ken Widis
Title: That's the Reason

This is my first CD and I want to truly thank all the good people who participated in it's production. Many thanks to the multi-talented Tom Eure who produced this CD. I would say that my music is somewhere between Country and Americana. I hope you enjoy it.

1.1 Lorraine, Lorraine
1.2 Oh Girl It's All About You
1.3 That's the Reason
1.4 You Baby
1.5 Maybe I'll Move to Memphis
1.6 Sometime Before He Was Gone
1.7 Getting Ready
1.8 My Dreams of Love
1.9 There's Just You
1.10 No More Love to Burn
1.11 I Could Live But Not Love Without You
1.12 What I Really Want to Know
1.13 First I'm Here and Then I'm There
1.14 It's So Lonely

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