Kennedy's Kitchen

Kennedy's Kitchen: Music in the Glen

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Artist: Kennedy's Kitchen
Title: Music in the Glen

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Pipe in the Hob Set (Jigs)
1.3 Music in the Glen (Recitation)
1.4 Coalminer's Set (Reels)
1.5 The Bonnie Light Horseman (Song)
1.6 The Roaring Barmaid Set (Jigs)
1.7 Introduction to Emmigrant Eyes
1.8 Emmigrant Eyes (Song)
1.9 Hornpipe and Dancers
1.10 Tottering Into the Sunshine (Story)
1.11 Whiskey in the Jar (Song)
1.12 Introduction to Ripley's
1.13 Ripley's (Song)
1.14 The Earl's Chair Set (Reels)
1.15 Dublin in the Rare Ol' Times (Song)
1.16 Star of Munster Set (Reels)
1.17 Introduction to Immigrant Song
1.18 Immigrant Song (Song)
1.19 Land of Strangers (Reading)
1.20 The Golden Keyboard (Slow Reel)
1.21 Jackie Coleman's and the Mountain Road (Reels)
1.22 The Wedding Reel Set (Reels)

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