Kenneth Kirschner: Twenty Ten

Kenneth Kirschner: Twenty Ten
Title: Twenty Ten
Label: 12K

2011 three CD release from the Brooklyn-based Avant-Garde/Electronic sound sculptor. With only four pieces spanning a triple disc set, and nearly three hours of music, Twenty Ten takes Kirschner's study of space and sonic focus to impressive new lengths. Following 2008's critically acclaimed double CD Filaments & Voids, Twenty Ten sees Kirschner's use of real-world instruments become even more accomplished while still remaining steeped in conceptual outlines, meticulously married with computerized processes that emphasize the natural instruments' flaws. Like most of Kirschner's work, he starts the listener off easily, introducing the instrument or set of instruments for a particular piece with relative pragmatism. However, things don't remain so simple for very long, as the works' harmonic balance gives way to microtonal relationships and beautifully crafted computerized decay.

1.1 January 4, 2011
1.2 November 7, 2010
2.1 September 25, 2010
3.1 January 18, 2011

Kenneth Kirschner: Twenty Ten

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