Kenneth V. Johnson

Kenneth V. Johnson: Look Up

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Artist: Kenneth V. Johnson
Title: Look Up

'Look Up' is a collection of twelve instrumental jazz compositions, and the fourth CD release of 2012. Since I made the decision to publish my entire catalog earlier this year, I've been very busy, but I love it! Whenever I compose music, or write a song, many conditions, circumstances, and various situations, have to be fulfilled, before a project can be created and finalized. By knowing this, my skills and abilities, or the lack of, are completely dependent on another source, i.e. a higher spiritual consciousness. I try to give as much thanks as possible, each and every day, because in life, we don't know what's going to happen, nor when. Continue to look up, and be the best person you could possibly be! THANKS.

1.1 Dumdum
1.2 Lilisis
1.3 Merry Go Round
1.4 Astroid
1.5 Ebb Tide
1.6 Look Up
1.7 Anticipation Applys
1.8 Silicon Valley
1.9 Enchantment
1.10 Nights Gone By
1.11 Flip Flop
1.12 Cream Turkey

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