Kenny Charles

Kenny Charles: Best Man for You

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Artist: Kenny Charles

Artist: Kenny Charles
Title: Best Man for You

Kenny Charles (Singer Songwriter) Kenny Charles was born in Southern California and has been singing since the age of 12. His influence in Country Music came from his Dad who would always be spinning the records of Jim Reeves, Glen Campbell, Eddy Arnold, and Johnny Cash. His mother on the other hand would have a different style of music that influenced him, that was The Eagles, Charlie Rich, and Rod Stewart & Charley Pride. Kenny was a lead singer in a number of well known rock acts and vocally trained by Gloria Bennett & Karen Jennings & Seth Riggs over a period of years to come. He soon put his voice to and schooling to work .Then was told by his Dad a Mid Western Boy of his own..."Go for the Country" Son. Well years later, Kenny really understood what his Dad meant. His childhood friend 'Nashville Recording Artist' "Gary Allan' whom he lived next to and played baseball with became a country singer. Gary's music became part of "today's country sound" and Kenny really took a liking to Gary's music... he found a whole new interest in Country Radio & the California Country Sound. This lead Kenny to what he reefer's to as a 'Creative Explosion' penning many songs for his upcoming Country Solo Debut Record, released in January 2011...the name of his album is 'Best Man for You'. Under the guidance of producer engineer Jon St. James (Berlin, Social Distortion, and Stacey Q) Jon assigned Producer / Engineer / Musician Extraordinaire, Andy Carpenter to produce, engineer as well as play, throughout Kenny's album. Andy understood Kenny's vision and songwriting that he creatively penned, and together they created one incredible solo Country debut. This is Country, Pop, & Rock at it's best.... he finalized 13 songs out of 20... that brings you into his heartfelt journey that you can feel from the first song all the way to his last song on the record. Kenny really connects to the listener and brings you to a place where you can hear and feel his personal understanding of what he's seen and where he's been. Kenny has his own unique vocal quality, songwriting and warmth that can only be described as incredible. This is a voice that has been longed for and needed for many years. If you are tired of records that have fillers with one or three songs that you like, you will not find them here. Kenny delivers 13 strong songs that give's the listener their money's worth! THIS ALBUM will make you satisfied and fulfill till the end. A new discovery! Ladies & Gentleman Kenny Charles.

1.1 Best Man for You
1.2 Life By the Tail
1.3 Beth Ann
1.4 Two Sides to Every Story
1.5 Destiney
1.6 Mr. Friday Night
1.7 The Drifter
1.8 The Poet
1.9 Those Hard Times (A Cowboy's Song)
1.10 That Old Piano
1.11 It's Gotta Hurt
1.12 Sleep with You Tonight
1.13 You're Still Mine

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