Kenny Meeks: Unfaded

Kenny Meeks: Unfaded
Title: Unfaded
Label: CD Baby

Kenny Meeks' new project "Unfaded" is a culmination of his roots and his influences, and his history with his friends, who played on the songs. Bluegrass songs like "Black Mountain" and "Lonely Road", inspired by his Kentucky home. His stint with Buddy and Julie Mille seems to have rubbed off, with country songs like "Baby Don't Set Me Free" and "Unfaded". The soulful "Moonlight On The Water" and bluesy "Found Daddy Cryin" reminisce old school soul and r&b from the days of his youth when his family lived in Detroit in exile. These personal yet universal songs invite you into his world. While listening, you get glimpses into his losses, gains, and mysteries. But not at the expense of the music-it's all fun and games, with playful slide guitars and even a small church choir. Recorded by Meeks and the Grammy award-winning Andrew Ramsey, features guest vocals by the dreamy Sandra McCracken and soulful Nicole Smith who both shine beyond mere background status. The project was mixed by Russ Long (Wilco, Sixpence) and mastered by Hank Williams, (too many to mention), two guy with incredible sonic talent and love for music. "I'm humbled to have such talented people around during the process of making my third CD, probably the most personal yet", says Kenny, when asked about the supporting cast. "These folks give way beyond the call of duty, and it is very apparent when listening to the finished product. I just can't say enough about Chris (Donohue) and Ken (Lewis) and their talent. Sandra and Nicole are two of my absolute favorite singers, ever. To have them singing on this stuff was just unbelievable".

1.1 Baby Don't Set Me Free
1.2 Lonely Road
1.3 Real Long Day
1.4 Holdin' on
1.5 Wonderin' Where My Honey's Gone
1.6 Found My Daddy Cryin'
1.7 Somethin's Cookin'
1.8 Moonlight on the Water
1.9 Black Mountain
1.10 Unfaded

Kenny Meeks: Unfaded

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