Kenny Wheeler

Kenny Wheeler: Song for Someone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kenny Wheeler

Title: Song for Someone
Label: Psi

SONG FOR SOMEONE will be an exciting find for Wheeler enthusiasts. A big band record that has a unique sound from the opening moments (with Norma Winstone's wordless vocals in front) only becomes more intriguing as it progresses. Based on this '73 recording, it's fascinating to consider that Tony Oxley and guests Derek Bailey and Evan Parker would go on to become European free improvising icons. Wheeler's composition work is astonishing as it effortlessly bridges the sounds and styles of modern jazz to free improvisation in a way that does not sound either forced or naive. Wheeler states in the brief liners: "The idea behind this band was to try and get special musicians from and into different areas of jazz to play together and to try to write music especially for them.

1.1 Toot-Toot 4:14
1.2 Ballad Two 3:15
1.3 Song for Someone 2:40
1.4 Causes Are Events 8:15
1.5 The Good Doctor 15:15
1.6 Nothing Changes 4:23

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