Kent Theaker

Kent Theaker: Cowgirl

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kent Theaker

Title: Cowgirl
Label: CD Baby

Canadian singer/songwriter Kent Theaker spent five-plus years recording this debut disc at a friend's tiny sixteen-track studio. The craftsmanship shows. COWGIRL is sparkling, homemade pop from a true fan of the form. The influences here range from Abba to XTC (with a generous sprinkle of Fabs thrown into the batter!), and Kent describes the album as 'a sort of Pilgrim's Progress, charting one man's path from lame childhood to the final--inevitable--oblivion of alcoholism with all the pitfalls of love, longing, and betrayal along the way.' Er, yes--we see. COWGIRL, at any rate, is smartly-produced pop music, tapping from multiple influences (from the 60's to the 80's), which follows in the tradition of many fine solo artists. Pick it up today and hear for yourself.

1.1 Growing Up Lame
1.2 Slip of a Boy
1.3 Ides of March
1.4 Logical Brain
1.5 Adrienne Hates Me
1.6 Expressway to Purgatory
1.7 Downer No. 2
1.8 Temporary Is Ok
1.9 Burdened Soul
1.10 Jesus Bed
1.11 Alcoholics Anemone

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