Kente: From Da Country 2 the City

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kente

Title: From Da Country 2 the City
Label: CD Baby

Cortney 'Cho' Taylor was born September 24, 1983 in Memphis, TN about 10 minutes from where he was raised in West Memphis, AR. He was the oldest of three being a big brother to his younger sisters. He grew up in the struggle dealing with being the man of the house by the age of 9. Forcing him to grow up faster than he wanted to. His name Cho is short for Nacho, a name students called him since the 7th grade. He was into basketball during his childhood years, but his personality is what gave him his style. He could joked almost about anything, and put a smile on your face on your worst day. Growing up with no father for directions for Cho was hard. But his mother kept him on the right path. He graduated from West Memphis High School May 18, 2001 and, shortly took off to Minnesota with his cousin (Kente) to attend Brown College for Radio Broadcasting. Now we're 'Here to Stay' and ain't going no where. For Nobody! Kente was born November 16, 1982 in Albuquerque, NM. He moved to Houston, TX in 1986 and shortly moved to West Memphis, AR (10 minutes from downtown Memphis, TN) in 1989. He started writing music at the age of 9. He was the youngest of three kids raised by a single mother, who struggled just to keep food on the table. At the age of 10 he started to do local talent shows. Pretending to be Kris Cross to A.B.C (Another Bad Creation). He also preformed in local plays (The Jungle Book & Tom Sawyer). By early 1993 his older brother and sister were off to college, leaving a him to be the man of the house at the age of 13. He was never into sports much, just a little junior high football. He was more into singing and rapping. By high school he was running the streets heavy with a group of friends, who really didn't have male figures themselves. He started smoking weed, drinking, hustling drugs, and about anything he and his friends could get away with. In 2000 he sang with his high school choir at the White House, for the Delta Conference and later that year had the chance to sing in New York City at Carnegie Hall. He all most didn't graduate the following year, but soon got on track to finish high school on time. He graduated on May 18 2001. Soon after high school him and one of his cousins' (Cho) moved to Minnesota, to attend Brown College for Radio Broadcasting. They had no money, no cars, was getting ripped off by the school housing program, and struggled getting rides to school. Working at Arby's and hustling weed kept the bills paid, until Early Jan. 02 when the Dakota Task Force kicked in the door of their college suite. They got kicked out and had know where to go. Instead of running back home they moved in with a friend and fought it out until they graduated from college. During this time Kente was doing mixtapes out of Brown, and wanted to start a group bigger than WuTang called Verstyle (versatile) The VER stands for the different verses they spit, and the STYLE stands for all of the different styles they had. Since 2001 Cho & Kente.

1.1 Talkin Bout That Money
1.2 From Da Country 2 the City
1.3 So Fresh
1.4 I Be That Nigga
1.5 Arkansas Is Home
1.6 DJ Play My Song
1.7 Where My Guns
1.8 2nd Amendment
1.9 Let'em Hate
1.10 Keepin Up Wit It
1.11 It's Not a Secret
1.12 Take 1 for Da Team
1.13 You Didn't No
1.14 My Last Song
1.15 They Mad

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