Kepano Green

Kepano Green: Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kepano Green

Title: Live
Label: CD Baby

Their name is pronounced 'Keh-pah-no Green,' and Kepano Green is the acoustic pop/rock duo of Paul Duncan and Josh Kauffman. Their original sound is a tight and powerful blend of soaring harmonies and inspiring musicianship. These guys are outstanding even as soloists, but the mature songs about faith and love, the memorable melodies, and the cohesive, rhythmic instrumentation that happens when they play together make them stand out from their peers. Kepano Green was birthed out of the Chicago-land coffeehouse scene when Duncan and Kauffman began collaborating while attending Wheaton College. Their first album, recorded live in their senior year, sold out of it's first printing within weeks of it's release and earmarked Kepano Green as one of the best bands you may have never heard. Since relocating to the much warmer Los Angeles area, Kepano Green has toured the country extensively and released 3 full length albums whose combined CD sales have surpassed 20,000 units sold independently at concerts and on-line at Chances are that live in concert you've rarely heard such quality unplugged singing and playing from just two people (or three, when they play with a percussionist). Their appeal is irresistible and has enabled Kepano Green to play at colleges, clubs, festivals, churches and bars, winning over audiences of all ages to their particular brand of music. If you like the vocal blend of Simon and Garfunkel, John Mayer's guitar style, Guster's percussion driven energy, Elton John's piano work, or the Indigo Girls' songwriting, then you will probably like the music of Kepano Green.

1.1 Emmanuel
1.2 See You at Home
1.3 Book with No Words
1.4 Riverside
1.5 Weekend in Boston
1.6 Right Here on My Knees
1.7 Her Name Is Wisdom
1.8 Astonished
1.9 Interlude
1.10 Midas Touch
1.11 When I Hear You Sing
1.12 Dying for You

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