Kepler Ten

Kepler Ten: Delta-V

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Artist: Kepler Ten

Artist: Kepler Ten
Title: Delta-V

2017 release. Kepler Ten are a new powerful melodic prog rock band featuring three excellent musicians - James Durand (vocals, bass, keyboards), Steve Hales (drums, piano) and Richie Cahill (guitars). They have already received great reactions to their debut single ' Time and Tide' which has received radio play and press interest. The album Delta-V was written and recorded by Kepler Ten at their own Echo Base Studio on the Hampshire-Wiltshire border. It was then mixed by John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios in Berkshire. Featuring seven tracks and over 50 minutes of music the album is a prog epic with lyrical themes based around the sun and human emotions woven throughout the album. Musically the tracks are songs that you can rock out to without noticing the unusual time signature changes until, upon closer inspection, you can appreciate the complexities and artistic freedom of the musicianship. Listen carefully and the band's influences can occasionally be heard. Whilst they have their own distinctive Kepler Ten sound, Delta-V is seasoned with a pinch of Muse, a dash of Rush and a soupçon of Yes. The songs ebb and flow from the catchy 'Time and Tide' and driving weight of 'Ultraviolet' to the industrial sound of 'The Shallows' and delicate, moving story of 'Swallowtail.'

1.1 Ultraviolet
1.2 Time and Tide
1.3 The Stone
1.4 Swallowtail
1.5 The Shallows
1.6 In the Sere and Yellow
1.7 Red Skies Rise

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