Kerrie Stirling

Kerrie Stirling: Wishful Thinking

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Artist: Kerrie Stirling

Artist: Kerrie Stirling
Title: Wishful Thinking

As a songwriter, to say that Kerrie Stirling's influences are eclectic would be an understatement, with influences ranging from classic Motown to electronica to delta blues to contemporary jazz and beyond. All of these influences come across at all levels of her professional life as a composer, giving Kerrie Stirling a unique style that permeates all aspects of her music. Kerrie Stirling's vocal style combines the intimate closeness of Eva Cassidy with a depth of emotion reminiscent of Etta James or Aretha Franklin. Nowhere else does this come across so strongly as in her debut album, 'Wishful Thinking', a poignant and soulful gathering of Kerrie Stirling's original compositions. With one album already under her belt we can only wait for the hotly anticipated follow up to 'Wishful Thinking'.

1.1 The Story
1.2 Wishful Thinking
1.3 Late at Night
1.4 Smokescreen
1.5 Struttin' Blues
1.6 Why'd You Come Back?
1.7 The Skies Fall in
1.8 Hold on

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