Kerstin Melrose Blodigian

Kerstin Melrose Blodigian: Kelpie

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Title: Kelpie
Label: CD Baby

A Kelpie is a spirit in Scottish mythology who appears at the waterside disguised as a beautiful white horse. Once mounted the unsuspecting rider is taken to the bottom of the loch never to be seen again. In Norway it is the water troll Nøkken who lives in a lake or river, occasionally surfacing to lure people to their doom. He, too is said to appear in human shape or as a white horse (also called straumhesten). The Nøkk is said to be very musical, being a master of fiddle-playing, and often he plays the most beautiful melodies to attract human beings, especially young women. He may also offer to teach tunes to ambitious fiddlers in exchange for their souls. As this creature is to be found in both Celtic and Scandinavian mythology it is a fitting symbol for the music, combining material from these two cultures with the Kerstin's and Ian's musical backgrounds and arrangements.

1.1 Kråka
1.2 Mine Viser
1.3 Kelpie
1.4 Halling Fra Elverum
1.5 Villemann Og Magnhild
1.6 Bedlam Boys / Bedlam Girls
1.7 Sven Svane
1.8 Guten Og Mann / Fillefant Ril
1.9 The Battle of Waterloo
1.10 Paddy Goes to Tunesia
1.11 Nelaugvatn Reels
1.12 Polska Efter Lars Orre
1.13 Sumarnatta

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