Kerygma: One Man

Kerygma: One Man
Title: One Man
Label: CD Baby

What began as a decades-long dream by founder, Scott Dawson has become a unique sound in the Christian music scene. Kerygma, derived from a Greek word meaning 'proclamation', fits well the philosophy of this ten piece, horn driven band interested in proclaiming the Good News of the kingdom of God in a variety of settings. Combining original tunes with the best of others, and attracting listeners with quality musicians and catchy songs, Kerygma seeks to reach a broader audience with a message of hope and love. Based in Rochester, NY, Kerygma consists of a rhythm section and percussion along with bari, tenor, and alto saxophones and trumpets. In addition to the vocals and other instrumental flavorings, as well as touches of humor, Kerygma presents a show designed to make you smile, laugh, ponder a bit, and even sing along! Here is a quick look at the members: Scott Dawson (Drummer/Lead vocals/Composer/Arranger) Scott has used his talents in churches as a worship leader and pastor over the last twenty years. It is his vision for a funky sound that would grab anyone within earshot and compel them to listen to hear of Christ's love and forgiveness that is the impetus behind Kerygma. Thankfully his wife, Mercy supports his vision as do their three children. Speaking of Mercy Dawson, she is an excellent flutist and alto saxophonist who contributes to the band in numerous ways. Also involved in the church music scene for decades, she is a member of the Penfield Symphony Orchestra in addition to substitute teaching in public schools in the greater Rochester area. David Locke (Tenor sax/Acoustic Guitar/Keyboards/Harmonica) A man of versatility within Kerygma as well as in the business world, he is the owner of Home Performance, a company that designs and installs audio systems for homes and restaurants. He is active in his church body in the worship ministry as well. Brian Moore (Bass guitar) In demand as a bass player throughout Rochester and involved in worship for many years in his home church, Brian helps lay down the foundational groove enjoyed by the band. Mark Bratcher (Electric Guitar/Vocals) A musician of great versatility, Mark is another member who has been using his gift to minister in the Rochester-area for years. In addition to singing, he hopes to contribute in a songwriting capacity, too. Dana Gregory (Percusssion) Affectionately known in the Rochester area as 'The Percussion Guy', Dana not only lends his tasteful interpretations to us but to other musicians in a variety of settings as well. A founding member of Kerygma, Dana also contributes vocally to the band. Wayne Weng (Keyboards) From Vancouver, British Columbia, Wayne came to Rochester to study at the famed Eastman School of Music where he is a piano performance major. Already an accomplished musician with performances throughout North America, Wayne displays his 'jazzier side' in the many types of music Kerygma plays. Matt Stuver (Baritone and Soprano saxes) A graduate student at Eastman, Matt hails from Virginia and is getting his degree in jazz performance. Between a trip to Japan with the Eastman Wind Ensemble last summer and the start of school again this fall, Matt got married to Jackie in July. He is enjoying his newest role as husband immensely. Mike Cottone (Trumpet) Yet another Eastman student, Mike has been a part of Kerygma from the beginning. A soft-spoken man from Rochester, he let's his trumpet do his 'screaming' for him!

1.1 Bringin' the Message
1.2 One Man
1.3 Cloudburst Intro
1.4 Cloudburst
1.5 Then Shall the Young Girls Dance
1.6 Not My Wounds
1.7 Awake
1.8 Sweet Presence of Jesus
1.9 La Cancion Ciento Trienta y Seis
1.10 Three Girls
1.11 And When I Die
1.12 Cleansing River
1.13 Goodness Gracious

Kerygma: One Man

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