Keshco: Deforestation of Dak

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Keshco

Artist: Keshco
Title: Deforestation of Dak
Product Type: VINYL LP

Keshco's fifth album, released on 5th August 2009. It's 17 tracks take in the main themes and styles of the Keshco canon - synthpop, folk, psychedelia and comedy. This collection was a long time coming; a couple of the pieces go back to 2002. Recording picked up in 2008 on occasional weekends. As well as the wooshy programmed bits, there's a lot of band recording, which makes a change. We're very proud of it. The album starts cynical and gets progressively unhappier before receiving an almighty burst of energy in the last third. Andy Brain - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, programming, percussion, effects* Robert Follen - vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, guitars, effects* Luke Sample - guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, percussion, effects* * = including (but not limited to) household goods, zither, melodica, thunder tube, the Dynamike.

1.1 Peel Intro
1.2 Chancery Lane
1.3 Think Alike
1.4 Dak Whobble
1.5 Scraping and Bowing
1.6 Buttercup Monk
1.7 Before We Began
1.8 I Am Alba
1.9 I Almost Died
1.10 If You Were
1.11 Scandinavian Pine
1.12 Breaking the Tape
1.13 Technology Dump
1.14 Anna
1.15 Halloween
1.16 Task
1.17 Dak Medley

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