Ketruth: Let Me Be

Ketruth: Let Me Be
Title: Let Me Be
Label: CD Baby

Ketruth places most experiences, ideas, things in modern day society in her music. She's a realist who uses her surroundings as inspiration. "Let Me Be" not only focuses on her perspectives but is poetic. Includes a few collaborations. Add this to your collection.

1.1 Ride with Me
1.2 Gwan So
1.3 NY 2 London Ft. Dollarmentary, Boogie ; Smarts
1.4 Wait 4 You
1.5 Sell a Mill Skit
1.6 Turn It Up Ft. Preacha
1.7 Summer Ft. Dollarmentary
1.8 Freestyle
1.9 Okay Okay
1.10 Party on
1.11 On It's on
1.12 HMM HMM [Beenie Man, Ketruth Remix]
1.13 Promiscuous Girl
1.14 Sizzling
1.15 Ketruth Exit

Ketruth: Let Me Be

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