Kev Brown

Kev Brown: I Do What I Do

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Artist: Kev Brown

Artist: Kev Brown
Title: I Do What I Do
Product Type: VINYL LP

Kev Brown's 2005 solo debut, re-released on exclusive clear brown marbled vinyl! The album presents rapper and producer Kev Brown at his best on 17 tracks, including 4 bonus tracks. With featuring guest MCs such as Kenn Starr, Quartermaine, Cy Young, Grap Luva, Phonte, Oddisee, Raheem Devaughn, Eric Roberson, Wayna and Kaimbr. This is true hip-hop!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Alone Again
1.3 Say Sumthin
1.4 Outside Lookin in
1.5 Always (Bonus)
1.6 Work in Progress
1.7 Strugglas Theme
1.8 Beats ; Rhymes
1.9 Power Bars (Bonus)
1.10 Hennessey Pt. 1
1.11 Hennessey Pt. 2
1.12 Keep on
1.13 Multiply (Bonus)
1.14 Hold Fast
1.15 Albany
1.16 Life's a Gamble
1.17 The Wrong Day (Bonus)

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