Kevin Click: Beautiful Loss

Kevin Click: Beautiful Loss
Title: Beautiful Loss
Label: CD Baby

The year was 1977. The hair was feathered and the lapels were wide. Rust and light blue seemed to be America's favorite colors and a young, eight-year old boy named Kevin Click found himself hopelessly enamored with American radio. While disco dominated the airwaves, Kevin found himself gravitating towards bands like Ambrosia, America, ELO, Eric Clapton, The Eagles and Jackson Browne. From early childhood he knew that there would be only one thing in his future...Music! Born and raised in Southern California, yet having a family from the Bible belt, Kevin grew up on Elvis Presley, Gospel and Country music. These became the influences that would help shape a style that has become uniquely his own. Kevin was raised in the church; and started singing from the moment he learned to speak. With a $10 dollar guitar and a full-length mirror, Kevin would imagine himself standing before thousands of people using the great gift he'd been given. 10 years later at age 18, Kevin found himself at a crossroads. Having abandoned his Christian upbringing, Kevin was on a path of self-destruction, yet inside he always knew that a life without God could never be an option. So in January of 1987 he reluctantly attended a church sponsored winter youth retreat in the local Southern California Mountains. It was there that Jesus met him face to face, and in an instant, all the pain, hurt, disappointment, addiction, and foolish living faded away. God brought forgiveness and Kevin was finally ready to receive it. So with his new found faith and love of music, Kevin set out to change the world. Over the past 20 years Kevin has played and recorded with numerous bands and spent his share of time on the Hollywood strip as well as leading worship for various congregations around Southern California. Over the span his career he has recorded eight albums including his brand new 2008 release "Beautiful Loss" and many of his songs are being sung in churches across the United States. In January of 1998 Kevin took what he calls, "God's perfect direction for his life" as he accepted a full time position as the Pastor of Worship at Calvary Chapel South Bay in Torrance, California where he still proudly serves today. Kevin is passionate about communicating God's truth through his music both to the church and the unbelieving world. After 20 years, Kevin's greatest accomplishment can best be summed up in the title track of his recent release, "I will only glory in the power of the cross, for my sins they are forgiven they're all gone." Kevin says, "Man can accomplish a lot, but nothing that really matters unless his heart is right with Jesus." Kevin lives in Torrance, California with his wife Kelly and three children.

1.1 Let My Life Be Praise
1.2 Mercy Seat
1.3 Something Other Than Gone
1.4 Walk on Water
1.5 Unique
1.6 Faithful Father
1.7 Power of the Cross
1.8 Shine
1.9 Never Lost Again
1.10 Road to Bethlehem

Kevin Click: Beautiful Loss

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