Kevin Elliott: You Really Had to Be There

Kevin Elliott: You Really Had to Be There
Title: You Really Had to Be There
Label: CD Baby

Kevin Elliott has pursued his love of music in a multitude of directions for over thirty years. In addition to hosting his own radio show, From the Joshua Tree Inn, on WEFT-FM in Champaign, IL for the past ten years, Kevin has written numerous songs, written pieces for solo guitar, performed alone and with others, and finally released his first CD, You Really Had To Be There..., in 2006. Kevin's songs are populated with a variety of left-of-center characters, who tell their quirky stories in ways both moving and amusing. With rich and colorful language, set to beautiful melodies, these songs stick with you. And Kevin's fingerstyle guitar playing carries the songs; it is often elaborate, but never intrusive. Evocative of the work of Tom Waits or Paul Simon, the musical storytelling of Kevin Elliott will invite you to listen, and then listen again.

1.1 Impressions
1.2 New Hat and Suspenders
1.3 Memories of That Afternoon
1.4 Where Have All My Victims Gone?
1.5 Promised Land
1.6 Trippin' Through the Blues
1.7 Patterns of Blue
1.8 Reckless
1.9 That Crazy Raccoon
1.10 Hey Jaybird
1.11 Where the Songs Are Silent

Kevin Elliott: You Really Had to Be There

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