Harrison Kevin

Harrison Kevin: Lost & Found

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Harrison Kevin

Title: Lost & Found
Label: CD Baby

'Lost & Found is a product of many sleepless nights and great experiences. In it are influences of every song I've heard, place that I've been, and person that I've met. Music has been a part of my life forever, but it took seeing a bit of the world for myself--the good and the bad--to actually give me something worth writing about. Hopefully people can find a way to relate, even if only in the slightest way, because that's what music is all about. Hope you enjoy.'--Kevin Harrison The debut album from Kevin Harrison features eight songs about love, loss, and the search that every person has to find him or herself. Ranging from catchy pop songs like 'Take a Bow' and 'Shine' with a bit of humor in 'Garden State' to a memorial symphony 'See You Soon' and the emotional proclamation 'Here I Am,' Lost & Found covers every track on the emotional roller coaster that is life--and it does so in a way that makes you want to sing along. Though each song began scrawled on a legal pad and written on an acoustic guitar, the album allows them to blossom into much more--with nods to Kevin's endless influences including classic rock gods, blues masters, and the 90's rock bands that provided the sound of his youth. 'Lost & Found' sends a universal message that makes it a must-have for fans of almost any genre.

1.1 Take a Bow
1.2 Lost ; Found
1.3 See You Soon
1.4 Shine
1.5 Garden State
1.6 Here I Am
1.7 Way Back Home
1.8 Goodnight

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