Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson: Sunday Driver

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Artist: Kevin Johnson

Artist: Kevin Johnson
Title: Sunday Driver

Hailing from northwest Arkansas and now settled in Baltimore, Maryland, Kevin Johnson is one of the most distinctive singer/songwriters from the mid-Atlantic scene. He is every bit as talented as the artists he admires--Townes van Zandt snd Marshall Crenshaw spring to mind; his work is easily on par with contemporary greats like Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams. From Tom Petty to Springsteen to Hank Williams to alternative, Kevin Johnson draws influences into his songwriting that he makes utterly his own. It sounds like country, then like pure rock, laced with lyrics honest enough for the best of either. With a voice somewhere between Bruce Cockburn, 'Imperial Bedroom'-era Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon, Kevin Johnson's fourth CD effortlessly weaves stories of love, loss and a fascination with strangers amidst some expertly executed roots rock. With songwriting that brings to mind writers' writers like Jimmy Webb and Harlan Howard, this is music that's crafted to be timeless. Guests on the record include Bill Kirchen, Last Train Home's frontman Eric Brace (who was in the earliest incarnation of Mr. Johnson's band, circa 1991) and Scruffy the Cat's Charlie Chesterman. All in all, Sunday Driver is one smooth ride.

1.1 Imitation of Wife
1.2 Blue Line Blues
1.3 Always Raining on My Street
1.4 The Bad Old Days
1.5 Memphis USA
1.6 Heart of Spanish Leather
1.7 Going to See Louise
1.8 Baby, Let's Go Downtown
1.9 Good for Nothing
1.10 Daddyville
1.11 Rocks for Dinner
1.12 Alright

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