Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson: Symbolism & Ceremony

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kevin Johnson

Title: Symbolism & Ceremony
Label: CD Baby

Kevin Johnson has been composing and playing piano for more than 25 years. He plays many styles but specializes in solo jazz piano. His music has the spirit that moves people with a deeper quality than what you normally hear in the popular, smooth jazz, style. Symbolism and Ceremony is an example of the more meaningful, spiritual, side of his personality. This C.D. is all his original compositions with two excellent guest artists featured. 'After the Dawn', features John Worley on Flugelhorn. 'Empryean', features his mom, Theresa Johnson, on violin. Symbolism and Ceremony is the type of album which will feel different every time you listen to it. This not the type of C.D. you will listen to a few times and put back up on the shelf. It is a deeply personal album which promises to touch the listener as well.

1.1 Talisman
1.2 Farewell
1.3 After the Dawn
1.4 Beyond the Ethnic Divide
1.5 Empryean
1.6 To Those Who Dwell

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