Kevin Krieg

Kevin Krieg: Family & Friends

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Artist: Kevin Krieg

Artist: Kevin Krieg
Title: Family & Friends

I was born in St. Louis, MO. Growing up, I really enjoyed listening to the jazz/blues records collected by my father and brother, gravitating to the guitar at 16 to pick up some of the sounds I liked. I soon was playing with groups in and around the St. Louis area, covering jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, and rock 'n roll. While working as a reporter at a small town radio station north of St. Louis, I began to write songs in the styles I came to love over the years, and after getting a great local response, I came to Los Angeles in late 2002 to record the 'Family and Friends' CD. Fortunately, I hooked up with some very talented people before making this record. Rob Mullins is a grammy nominated piano player who plays some rippin' stuff. Lee Spath (Malt, Robert Cray) handles the drums, and Drew Daniels plays bass. This music is all about creating a good time for everybody. I know you'll enjoy it. ----Kevin.

1.1 Best Thing in Town
1.2 Hello New Orleans
1.3 Low Maintenance Man
1.4 Forgive ; Forget Prologue
1.5 Forgive ; Forget
1.6 Untitled
1.7 Tough
1.8 One Happy Man
1.9 Love at First Sight
1.10 Every Day, Every Way
1.11 My Lucky Day
1.12 A Miracle
1.13 Wish You Were Here

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