Kevin Mallon: Symphonies

Kevin Mallon: Symphonies
Title: Symphonies
Label: Naxos

In his lifetime Wenzel Pichl was esteemed as one of the foremost European composers of the age. A friend of Dittersdorf, whose works exerted a strong influence on his development, Pichl wrote symphonies that rank among the most interesting of the period.

1.1 Grave E Maestoso
1.2 Andante (Sempre Piano)
1.3 Minuetto
1.4 Finale: Allegro Assai
1.5 Allegro Con Brio
1.6 Andante Arioso - Poco Vivace
1.7 Minuetto ; Trio
1.8 Finale: Allegro
1.9 Allegro
1.10 Andante in Canone
1.11 Minuetto
1.12 Finale: Allegro
1.13 Allegro Non Troppo
1.14 Andante Arioso
1.15 Minuetto: Poco Vivace
1.16 Finale: Presto

Kevin Mallon: Symphonies

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