Kevin Swisher

Kevin Swisher: Like Waking from a Dream

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Kevin Swisher

Title: Like Waking from a Dream
Label: CD Baby

Kevin Swisher is a multi-instrumentalist who plays exotic percussion instruments on this album and also built them as well. Adding acoustic guitar and bamboo flutes along with traditional silver flute and bass guitar, the songs are rich and melodic. Chances are you've not heard much music like this before. Exotic rhythms and haunting vocals will surely transport the listener to a pleasant oasis of 'Midwestern' tropical delight.

1.1 Dust ; Dirt
1.2 Over and Done
1.3 Ode to Les
1.4 So Far Away
1.5 Gentle Prayer
1.6 Voices Gone Away
1.7 In a Dream
1.8 Summer Fun
1.9 Like the River

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